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In addtion to our regular classes, we host multiple recurring and one-off events throughout the year. Check out our calendar below, and stay tuned to our Instagram feed and Facebook Group for new events!

Check them out here!

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Intown4Peace Interreligious Bible Discussions. 

Sunday mornings at the Intown Coffeehouse next to Intown Community Church. 

Interreligious Bible Discussions 11am-12pm:  People from various religious and non-religious backgrounds gather to learn from each other as they share their reactions and perspectives in response to the Bible.  


Atlanta is a beautiful city, but everyone needs to escape now and then, so get out and experience nature with Atlanta Hikes! Their day-long hiking trips are within 2.5-hours from downtown Atlanta, and they offer carpools too!


It's run by our friends Rony Koshy and Peter DeLastic, so check out the Atlanta Hikes website to learn more.

Intown4Peace Casual Crosscultural Conversations

In the Intown Coffeehouse next to Intown Community Church on Sunday mornings: Casual Crosscultural Conversations 9:30am-10:40am: Participants and volunteers are paired off across cultural boundaries for one on one conversations using an intercultural worksheet



Intown ELL students are invited to check out Intown Community Church's International Bible Studies women's and men's groups. These groups are designed especially for our international friends who are Christians and those who are curious about the Christian faith.

Women's Group

7 p.m. on Fridays in person and on Zoom

For more information, contact Juliana Lin

Men's Group

7:30 p.m. on Fridays in person and on Zoom

For more information, contact Ben Allin

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