The Intown ESL Program, managed by Intown Community Church, is made up of a group of international scholars and students, immigrants, refugees, international visitors, and American citizens from local communities.  They work together to help one another grow in English fluency, explore various cultures, develop intercultural capacities for peacebuilding, and grow lasting friendships. We offer FREE ESL and intercultural learning opportunities to adults and host multiple events throughout the year.


Our mission is to facilitate intercultural learning through relationships. We are all learning. We welcome adults of all ages from all national, ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds to join and be a part of our community of learning and friendship.


We focus on providing English as a second language help to immigrants, refugees, international students and scholars, and adult family members of those groups. We also focus on providing opportunities for Americans and our visitors from other countries to help one another increase cultural awareness, develop intercultural communication skills, and adopt peacebuilding perspectives.

Our hope is for all participants from the USA and other countries to grow in cultural humility and to carry improved English language and intercultural communication skills to various settings. We also hope to establish relationships that will give all participants a sense of belonging, and foster a deep web of community. We also hope that participants from all national, cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds will help one another.